Reaching for the Stars

by Levi Selway


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Inspired by Ukrainian Olympic Gold medal winner Oksana Baiul who rose above immense adversity to become a national hero and touched the stars with her spellbinding performances that won her World and Olympic titles in ‘93 and ‘94 at the tender age of 16 and 17. This is the celebration of an orphan to an Olympic champion.

To perform the Biellmann spin, also described as a Tulip on a Turntable, requires years of dedication to master this contortionist skill whilst spinning on the ice – it is a feat of human achievement in and of itself.

This work is a symbol of the relentless determination required to reach the mountaintops of our highest ambitions and the breath taking beauty we are able to display to the world when we arrive at our summit.

    Levi Selway

    Levi Selway


    Stansbury Park, UT, US

    “I sculpt the figure to celebrate the heroic journey of a life well lived. I capture iconic cultural figures who touch us all by the sheer mastery of their craft, but also iconic everyday experiences that illuminate the soul. My intention is to inspire others to sculpt a life full of meaning, adventure and joy in the relentless pursuit of their most authentic ambitions.”


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