Temporary Beauty

by Pete Tillack


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Embellished Artist Proof Limited Edition

30×34 inch

Dimensions mounted on custom aluminum frame 35×39 inches

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    Pete Tillack

    Pete Tillack

    Oil Mixed Media


    "Being a self-taught artist allowed Pete to draw on his own lines from the multiple sources and aspects, but it was the internal questions and relationship to society that gives the life to his work that people associate with. Tillack takes everyday scenes and puts a spin on it to help narrate the relationship on one’s self with in a society that has become very overwhelming if you let it. Reading like a song that we are all connected to, each piece has many items of symbolism that bring together the reason we are who we are, and the motivation behind our choices that are guided by the challenges we have made on the road of life. His realistic paintings always have underlying meanings that once pointed out, play like a song that we all relate too as if it was just sung for us. “As youth falls into the past, and the present becomes the form carved by my many unique experiences, my work casts stronger meanings, as I look deeper into the connections with our society. I feel lucky that along the journey, I found my talent, and it has allowed me to be able to transpose a blank canvas into a story that captures a viewer."


Education can lift you up but you still need to make the leap, we are all confined by something inside of us but those who have been successful have learnt to jump.
There are always bad chapters in our lives, but we need to make something out of them or use them to push forward and learn from our mistakes. When a decision is made, a good guidance can be found in our internal moral compass, that is why it is there yet our message may not connect with everyone.
The Catch to all this is that life is a Temporary Beauty as there are no dress rehearsals

Watch video break down of symbolism at http://www.petetillack.com/art_symbolism/temp.html#analysis

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Dimensions 35 × 39 × 2 in