3/26: The Key to Composition

Artistic composition influences how the artist moves the viewer’s eye throughout the piece. Balance, movement and harmony all work together to convey a message or feeling. The composition helps tell the story in a rhythmic and meaningful way. Discover the principles that influence successful composition.

3/19: The Art of the Bronze

Discover for yourself the multiple steps involved in taking an idea from concept to clay – to the foundry, bronze pour, patina process and finally through to a completed work of art. These talented artists will share the challenges and excitement of this creative journey.

3/12: Nature as Art

Many would agree that nature serves as the ultimate inspiration for art and many other wonderful things in life. Listen and discover from artists who bring nature front and center in the creative context, whether it be photography, painting or other artistic expressions.

3/5: Tools of the Trade

Every trade has a set of tools needed to make it work. Art is no different. You may be surprised by some of the tools that are used in creating your favorite works of art. Join this lively discussion and discover some trade secrets.

2/26: The Melting Point

Shaped by fire and the gifted influence of the artist, glass can be both decorative and functional. Color, shape, and light reflection all make up the elements of fine art glass. Meet the artists and discover techniques from glass blowing to kiln firing to stained glass.

2/5: Monumental Installations

Ever wonder what goes into the planning and execution of major art installations, including life-sized and monumental works of art for both private and public installation? Get insights to how all of this comes together under the guidance of the artist and other partners.

1/22: The Allure of the Figure

The human figure has been the muse of artists since the beginning of time. The form, lines, shadows and the palette provide a never-ending source of inspiration. Learn from some of our figurative art leaders about what drives them to capture the human figure on canvas.