3/27: Turn Up The Heat

There are certain mediums of art that need not only creativity, but a partnership with fire and heat. Only by applying extreme heat can glass, metal, ceramics and bronze be transformed into objects of art. Hear from our panel how they navigate this process to create these magnificent works of art.

3/20: Wonders of Wildlife

Wildlife and nature have long captivated our imagination. For many, being out in nature and experiencing the wild feeds the soul and renews the spirit. Wildlife artists capture the sensation of being close to nature and allow us to bring it home. Discover what influences them and why they choose to share the wild.

3/6: Landscapes and Light

Paul Cezanne once said, “To paint from nature is not to paint the subject, but to realize sensations.” Ask any Landscape painter today and they would agree. Hear how capturing the light and atmosphere is key to revealing the “sensations” of the landscape.

2/28: Captivating Objects

Still Life artists are masters at organizing inanimate objects in a way that captivates the viewer. Their gift of combining shapes, colors and objects of interest along with their artistic skills lead to masterpieces. Gather insights from this panel on what makes a great still life.

2/21: Take Another Look

Some works of art invite you to take a second look. You need more time to understand what all is going on and to discover the story behind it. It may be a complex still life or in depth story piece. Hear how the artists set the scene and create these inviting works of art.

2/14: Behind The Lens

In the hands of a Fine Art Photographer, the camera is just one of the tools that lead to exquisite works of art. Discover how our photographers scout out and focus on their subjects. Learn how they then interpret & process the images to capture a moment in time.

2/7: Risk To Reward

As artists evolve, they take chances on new ways to express their views. They leave their comfort zone to explore new subjects or media. This takes risk and courage to leave the tried and true ways to experiment with the unknown. Hear how many have made this leap and experienced growth and change.

1/31: The Art of Imperfection

In traditional Japanese aesthetics, “Wabi-Sabi” is a world view centered on the acceptance of “transience or imperfection”. Characteristics include asymmetry, roughness and simplicity along with appreciation of natural objects and process. In this discussion, we see how this practice reveals itself through art.

1/24: Campfire Stories

The legend of the Cowboy is synonymous with the American story. Their days were spent herding cattle and riding the wide open ranges, and evenings around the campfires sharing stories. Today these iconic stories live on through art and culture. Find out why artists are passionate about sharing this lifestyle.