Sharing their love of art with the world

Most people recognize the Celebration of Fine Art as being the show where art lovers and artists connect. But for the husband and wife artist duo Joe Axton and Mari Giddings, it didn’t take a show to bring them together, just simply their shared love of art. “On our first date together I went looking […]

The Joys of Using Copper to Create Art

Sheri Meldrum remembers the first piece of art that she fell in love with. It was a landscape painting her grandmother had in her living room. As a child, Sheri would stare at the painting and imagine one day visiting such a place. It was then she realized the power art had to spark a […]

Utilizing an Ultra-Contemporary Glass Blowing Technique

Most children discover art through crayons and watercolors, but for Anthony Barbano, it was the loom in the second grade. From then on his artistic inclinations only increased –– in junior high he was introduced to ceramics, which he continued focusing on through his high school years. A BFA with an emphasis on ceramics followed […]

Telling stories through the wonders of wildlife

Bryce Pettit grew up in awe of the wonders of nature and to this day maintains a deep connection with the natural world. From a young age, he spent copious amounts of time outdoors and became captivated not only by his surroundings but also the wildlife he’d encounter exploring different landscapes. The pull he felt […]

Showing respect with historic preservationist art

Art has been one of Sandi Ciaramitaro’s great passions in life –– a fervor fueled by her extensive background in design, which has always existed at the heart of her career. While many of her years was spent as an autobody designer, she eventually pivoted to embrace her knack for creating fine art, including oil […]

Painting in layers to build on nature’s beauty

Trevor Swanson comes from a family of artists. His great grandfather was a painter, and after it skipped a generation, both his father and uncle were professional painters as well. And while today Trevor is a renowned artist who works with oil on canvas, board and metal, he joined the  tradition innocently enough by picking […]

Figurative works in a contemporary realism style

Artists are keen observers of the world around them, taking in shapes and colors and imagining how they could turn them into works of art. Priscilla Nelson is no exception. As an avid people-watcher, she discovered art as a child. In the beginning, she drew with pencils. As she got older, her supportive parents would […]