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The Celebration of Fine Art is a one-of-a-kind marketing tool for artists that combines the best attributes of a gallery relationship with the dynamics of a short-term art show. The atmosphere is relaxed, casual, and very inviting. Artists can talk with potential clients, leading visitors to describe the Celebration as more than an art show, but an experience they can’t have anywhere else. Our aggressive and targeted marketing plan is directed at the most productive audience possible to maximize selling efficiency. As a result, annual sales have continually increased, a trend we expect to continue.

Ours is a juried show that looks for variety as well as quality. This ensures minimal direct competition, so you have the best opportunity for success. All styles and mediums of art are welcome; in addition to painting and sculpture we also have fine crafts such as furniture, jewelry, ceramics, basketry, and weaving. Only handmade work created by the artist is accepted—we do not allow manufactured goods of any kind. Artists who have previously been selected for the show will be juried in the two months following the current exhibit. New artist applications are accepted any time after April 1, with the first jury deadline being June 15 and second being August 15. We add new artists until all studio spaces are filled. Additional details, prices, and other information are in the artist application packet.

Celebrating Art

Second Generation Artist Paving His Own Way

Matt Sievers has painting in his blood. His father is artist Greg Sievers, who has been participating in the Celebration of Fine Art for more than 25 years. “I grew up painting with my dad,” Matt says. “There are five of us kids. He was eager to teach any of us that would listen, but […]

Bringing Happiness to Life Through Cheerful Creatures on Canvas

What does your hometown have to do with what kind of artist you become? For Jenny Foster, a small Arizona town along the Colorado River surrounded by petroglyphs and pottery shards left by the American Indians was exactly what fed her early exploration into art and continues to influence her style today. “When I was […]

Creating Works of Art to Honor the Vibrancy of Nature

There’s no question budding young artists can be helped along by supportive families. That was the case for Leah Rei, who was born in Colorado but raised in Arizona. Her childhood is filled with memories sewing, embroidering, coloring and making collages to pass the time. “I was introduced to art at a very young age,” […]

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