Whispering Grey Solaris

by Lee Wright


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The Solaris Series are tabletop sculptures fashioned in fused glass, with artisinal, hand-crafted walnut bases. The glass disks are assembled from as many as twenty different styles and colors of glass, arranged in horizontal bands, then kiln-fired, to create their striking, celestial appearance. The addition of thin vertical strips in the banding process creates surprising texture and dimension, unusual to find in fused glass, and the shadows cast by the sculptures are as intriguing and beautiful as the works themselves. This “Whispering Grey” Solaris sculpture features thin, irridescent vertical strips and a band of crushed glass “crystals.”


The elegant stands were designed by the artist to complement the glass design, and are hand-crafted in walnut, then oil-finished and ebonized.

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    Lee Wright

    Lee Wright


    Tucson, AZ, US

    What's most compelling for me is combining different elements together. I love laying colors side-by-side, to see how they affect the shades around them, and layering colors atop one another, to add depth and dimension to the translucence. Then, to be able to create fluidity and movement, and a sense of texture, to what begins as a smooth, motionless medium... it's magical.

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