Matthew Sievers is an oil painter based in Rigby, Idaho whose love of art bloomed when he was a child studying under his father Greg Sievers, an acclaimed painter who has participated in the Celebration of Fine Art for more than 25 years. And while his dad instilled the foundation of his artistry, Matt’s style is uniquely his own. 

From windswept landscapes to bold barns, Matt’s works focus on the connections between nature and people. He pushes the boundaries of his paintings so they teeter between being simple and stylized. He slightly exaggerates his subjects to make their colors pop and adds texture and dimension through spontaneous brushstrokes and swipes from his palette knife. More recently he’s experimented with transparent layers to convey a deepness, creating images such as trees you can almost see into.  

In this episode, Susan and Matt explore the business side of art and his past experience as a gallery owner. Matt shares how his art has evolved from whimsical and light paintings to the peaceful and grounded works he creates today. He describes the techniques he uses to capture a subject’s energy and emotion, and why he is so intrigued by the connections between humans and nature. 

To find out why Matt is so confident about the future of art and which museums top his list, listen to the entire episode by clicking the player above.

Blue Skyline, 36×36
Dressed In Red, 48×48
Colorful Desert, 36×48