Art Discovery: The Key to Composition

Composition involves a series of technical elements such as space utilization and how objects are positioned on the canvas. But the decisions an artist makes about composition can influence the larger meaning and message of the piece, too. Composition is not always about creating a faithful rendering of a realistic scene. Sometimes, it’s about using […]

Evoking Peace and Calm Through the Beauty of Still Lifes

An appreciation for art was instilled in Leslie Duke at a very young age. Some of her earliest memories involve studying beautiful artwork in children’s books with her mother and poring over fine art prints her father had collected from some of his favorite artists.  Over the years, Leslie’s creative interest continued to grow, and […]

Episode 14: Leslie Duke

Leslie Duke is an oil painter based in Springville, Utah. Her enthusiasm for the arts was apparent from a young age, and her parents fostered her interest by signing her up for classes by local artists. Leslie went on to study illustration and graphic design at Brigham Young University, but after a few years of […]