Fall Edition of Art Connection

With the beautiful glow and crisp air of fall now upon us, it’s a beautiful time of year to get out and explore nature. And that’s just what this issue of Art Connection is all about! In this issue, you’ll find: A spotlight on artist Martin Blundell A feature on artists who focus on nature […]

Painting Western Landscapes from the Intersection of Memory and Reality

Martin Blundell’s decades-long journey as an artist started on an ordinary day. In grade school, he had a teacher who would separate his class into groups for art projects. One day, Martin used watercolors to paint a scene of yellow aspen trees. His teacher was genuinely impressed, and soon enough his parents also took notice […]

I am grateful that art opens new worlds.

In our Gratitude Series, we explore the relationship between art and gratitude, and the impact both have on our world.  Martin Blundell, an oil painter based in Bountiful, Utah, believes art has the power to create new realities and understanding for people. Leading with this philosophy, Martin approaches his artwork with a dedication to inspire […]