“The true value of art lies not in the product that is created, but in the portal it provides to higher forms of consciousness, fearlessness, and love.”  – Whitney Ferre’

In this Art Discovery virtual series, we chat with artists, collectors, and enthusiasts about how they create and experience the joy of art.

Art can spark passion, evoke deep elation, conjure up sensations of love and pure bliss, and even unlock the imagination. Research and scientific evidence continues to point to the fact that art impacts not only the creator’s, but the viewer’s mental wellbeing, brain function, and feelings of love.

For longtime art collectors Frank and Janice Racioppo, art has become a vehicle for living in the past, the present, and the future and enjoying the memories and emotions that transcend time. From a painting of Dwight D. Eisenhower done by Frank’s father –– that he’s since donated to the Eisenhower Foundation––to a collage of generations of Racioppos playing baseball and softball, art provides a history of joyous memories.

As an artist, Jennifer Vranes finds just as much joy in creating the art as she does in hearing how art uplifts viewers. “There’s really no better feeling than someone telling you that your art brings them so much joy,” she said. “It’s astounding the power of art and how it can heal your soul.”

And more than just being a piece of art on a wall or in your living room, it’s important for art to invoke a sense of emotion and allow you to reminisce about first seeing the piece, the feelings that it stirred, and the story behind it. Art should be more than just a display piece, it should uplift you.

To learn more about how our mixed panel finds joy in art, watch the full Art Discovery below. And to learn even more about our featured artist, Jennifer Vranes, check out the following links:


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