Summer Inspirations: 7 Artists to Collect

Summer often symbolizes freedom and growth. From school vacation and summer sleepaway camp in our youths to cross-country road trips or European adventures in adulthood, summer is the perfect time to escape the mundane and embrace fun and adventure. Summer, and especially the solstice, is also a time for reflection, celebrating light and connection to […]

Art Discovery: Considering A Custom Commission?

Getting a custom piece of artwork can be one of the most special and everlasting ways to commemorate a moment, a place or a person –– or simply to tailor a piece to your style. In this Art Discovery, artists Judith Dickinson and Heidi Rosner share how they go about commissions. Regardless of the subject matter, […]

Commissioning Art: What You Need to Know

Commissioning a piece of art can be a rewarding and joyful experience for art lovers. But, naturally, for first-timers, there can be a lot of mystery and questions surrounding the process. How much will it cost? How much do I get to influence the final piece? What if it doesn’t turn out the way I […]

Meet the Artist: Cary Henrie

Mixed media artist Cary Henrie is a bit of a chameleon. He’s continually evolving his work to stay a step ahead of trends, but also to challenge himself. Cary grew up in Utah without a TV and parents who loved and encouraged art. He recalls he and his siblings becoming very adept at drawing and […]

The $5k Challenge: Curating A Contemporary Collection

At first blush, starting an art collection can seem intimidating and something that’s reserved only for those with millions in expendable income. But building a collection of original art can be done in an affordable way and can truly be something enjoyed by everyone. In this series, we’ll explore a variety of collections under $5,000 […]

Art Discovery: Monumental Installations

“What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.” —Pericles A profound and honest sentiment, but it could be argued that sculpture artists, particularly large-scale sculpture artists whose work graces public spaces, actually leave both behind.  For Bryce Pettit, Ryan Schmidt and Todd […]

How to Buy Art Online

This past year, many of us spent countless hours at home. This time within our four walls has inspired some to undertake design projects, while others have turned their focus to collecting art. Purchasing artwork for your home has a number of benefits. Aside from the obvious aesthetic advantages, collecting art that you love can […]

Art Discovery: The Line Between Abstraction and Realism

“Nobody is visually naive any longer. We are cluttered with images, and only abstract art can bring us to the threshold of the divine.” ~ Dominique de Menilm, well-known philanthropist, activist, and art collector. Of course, the art world did not always see things the way Dominique did. The Impressionists, who sought to capture light, […]

Art Discovery: The Allure of the Figure

Pablo Picasso once said, “Neither is there figurative and non-figurative art. All things appear to us in the shape of forms. Even in metaphysics ideas are expressed by forms. Well then, think how absurd it would be to think of painting without the imagery of forms. A figure, an object, a circle, are forms; they […]

Look Who’s Coming to the Show This Year

Each year, the Celebration of Fine Art welcomes 100 fine art artists to the “big white tents”. While many are returning artists –– and three have been at every show for the past 31 years –– we also introduce a number of new artists to the Celebration family. From sculptural felt to classical realism to […]