Heidi Rosner

Heidi Rosner is an acclaimed fine art watercolor painter who has been a staple of the Celebration of Fine Art for two decades. Her work flips preconceived notions of watercolor art on its head, as she opts for vibrant scenes bursting with color and energy rather than the traditional soupy skies and misty landscapes. Heidi is heavily influenced by her extensive travels and love of plants, flowers and vegetation. More recently she’s begun to incorporate birds into her paintings and has forayed into making living art, which combines paintings with succulents in shadowboxes. 

In this episode, Susan welcomes Heidi to the podcast to talk about her unique background as a mechanical engineer in the aerospace industry and how she eventually pivoted to fine art after stumbling into a watercolor class at the Scottsdale Artists’ School. Heidi breaks down her painting technique, why she recommends people invest in high-quality art supplies and what advice she has for aspiring artists. Finally, Heidi describes how deeply travel has affected her life and her approach to art, why she’s captivated by the culture and landscape in Italy, as well as her love for the south of France. 

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  1. This conversation was pure joy! Thank you Heidi & Susan for such a fun collection of insights!!

  2. Heidi, I enjoyed listening to this podcast. I too saw that Georgia O’Keefe exhibit at the DIA, probably around the same time and love your “Poppy” A great tribute to Aunt Grace.
    Will you be at the La Quinta Art festival this year?

  3. Well done! Your paintings really do SEE the world-The details in your watercolors are mind blowing:)
    Can’t wait to see what your candy dish of treasures are this year at Celebration!

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