Trevor Swanson is a renowned wildlife artist who works with oil on canvas, board and metal. He was born into a family of painters and first picked up a paintbrush as a child. In college, he pursued art classes but never scored above average. Undeterred, Trevor began taking lessons from his father and uncle and hasn’t stopped painting since.

In this episode, Susan and Trevor discuss the influence his family had on his artistic style, how they taught him to see colors in a new way and the importance of learning through trial and error. Trevor describes his deep love for nature and the joy of being alone in nature to capture magical moments for the purpose of sharing them with others. Trevor also shares stories from the intersection of nature and preservation, and where art comes into the picture. 

Tune in to hear Trevor’s crazy tales from his adventures in nature, including being kicked by a buffalo in Botswana. Click the player above to hear the entire conversation.

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