This winter, AZ Redbook chats with Susan Morrow Potje about what’s in store for the 30th anniversary of the Celebration of Fine Art, including the storied history of the show, what types of art visitors can expect to see and the latest on the popular Art Discovery Series.

“Three decades ago, my parents had a small space and a big vision: to change the way art lovers and artists connect. That vision has guided us over the years, and we continually strive to create a place where people from all walks of life can meet and interact with artists and see their work come to life in front of their eyes,” says Susan Morrow Potje, co-owner and show director. “Thanks to their incredible vision, we’ve been able to grow the Celebration of Fine Art into something bigger than we could have ever dreamed. To uphold their legacy has been an honor, and I look forward to what the next 30 years have in store.”

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