Art Discovery: The Long Run

The artistic journey is as diverse and there is more to the life of the artist than what we see. Long-time artists David Jackson, Graydon Foulger, Robin Branham and Kirk Randle share what it takes to make it and sustain the life of an artist, and how the Celebration of Fine Art has impacted them.

Fall Edition of Art Connection

With the beautiful glow and crisp air of fall now upon us, it’s a beautiful time of year to get out and explore nature. And that’s just what this issue of Art Connection is all about! In this issue, you’ll find: A spotlight on artist Martin Blundell A feature on artists who focus on nature […]

The Wonder of Nature

Nature has long been the muse of many artists. The source of beauty is endless. Whether it’s the way the shadows and light play against each other, the vibrant colors married with the softest pastels or the unending textures in the flora and fauna, the natural landscape brings the senses to life. The animals and […]