Paying Homage to Indigenous Cultures With Historical Accuracy

When he was in third grade, James Ayers received an assignment that would foreshadow his future career as an artist. At the time, the holidays were just around the corner so his teacher tasked his class to draw Santa Claus. What James soon realized was that his Santa came out markedly better than everyone else’s––including […]

Artist Reveal: Todd Paxton

 Todd Paxton is a renowned bronze sculptor celebrated for capturing the humanity and history of the subjects he creates. He is drawn to themes ranging from parenthood and honor to love and longing, and works with precision to depict stories through the subtlest of details. Whether it’s the defiant tilt of a chin, the tension […]

Artist Reveal: James Ayers

 James Ayers is a painter of historic Native American cultures. Dedicated to honoring the customs and beauty of these traditional cultures, James has gained a reputation for his historical accuracy, which can be seen reflected in the hair, clothing and weapons of his subjects.  “I study historic artifacts, research customs and rituals, and marry these […]