Art Discovery Recap: Portrait Perfect

Capturing the likeness and essence of another living being is no easy feat, but for artists Judith Dickinson, Ted Nuttall and Robin Damore, it’s a passion. In this week’s Art Discovery, these talented portrait artists share how they each approach portraiture, how they capture the essence of their subjects, what draws them to portraiture, and […]

Meet the Artist: Robin Damore Sees Art as the Window to the Soul

For portrait artist Robin Damore, a painting isn’t complete until two things occur: she’s adequately captured the spirit of the person or animal she’s painting and she’s overcome whatever challenge or lesson that painting has presented her. This criterion has led to an impeccable body of work and numerous awards (though Robin would never mention […]

Artist Reveal: Robin Damore

The thing about creativity is that you can’t ignore it. Creativity will nag at you until you finally let it work its magic. This was certainly the case for Robin Damore, who for nearly 20 years was dedicated to growing an advertising agency she co-founded. While there are many aspects of advertising that call on […]