Meet the Artist: Using Texture to Create a Sensory Experience

When mixed media artist Tim Weldon began creating art, he started to see the world through heightened senses. Suddenly, everything around him––flowers, stones, colors, people––was rich with story, texture and character. And he saw himself as a conduit for sharing these stories through his art.

Art Discovery: Mixing of Media

There is an art to mixing various media to create complete and comprehensive works of art. Learn how artists Mari Giddings-Axton, Myron Whitaker and Timothy Weldon decide which elements to combine as they build their inspirational works of art.

Art Discovery Recap: Folk Art Fascination

Folk art has been telling the story of local and regional communities and indigenous people for decades. Whether captured through the whimsical depiction of animals painted on a canvas or the use of repurposed collectible items in a sculpture, these works are highly collectible and bring much joy to those who collect.