Preserving a 50-Year Gift of Love

Kathryn Carole Ellison began writing poetry for her children in the 1970s. It started simply enough––one new poem each day of Advent. Through these poems, she passed along life lessons and words of wisdom to help them make good life decisions, trust their inner knowing and engage in life in a meaningful way. That first […]

EPISODE 17: Shelli Kahl

From clarinetist to serial entrepreneur to jewelry artist, Shelli Kahl’s life path has been untamable, free spirited and uninhibited. And today, that is very much represented in her jewelry.  Shelli, a California-based artist, began making her jewelry more than 17 years ago, initially because she wanted to make herself rings. But what may have started […]

Episode 1: Kirk Randle & Matt Suess

Kirk Randle, an oil on canvas painter, and Matt Suess, a fine art photographer, are two of the Celebration of Fine Art’s longtime artists and friends. Over the summer, host Susan Potje joined Kirk and Matt in Montana’s sprawling Bitterroot Valley to get up close and personal with the expansive vistas and mountain ranges and […]