Art Discovery: All About Glass

Glass artists are truly shapeshifters as they take raw glass tubes or shards then heat and manipulate them through various techniques including glass blowing, flamework, fusing, casting and stained glass. The end result can range from small to very large installations that captivate the viewer. In our latest episode of Art Discovery, artists Caleb Siegler, […]

Engineering a One-of-a-Kind Technique for Weaving Glass

Mark Lewanski was a kindergartener when his passion for art was first ignited. Before his teacher had the chance to introduce students to shapes, Mark had mastered spheres, cubes and pyramids. He became fascinated with these three dimensional shapes, and spent hours drawing and shading them in.  As Mark got older, his interest in the […]

Utilizing an Ultra-Contemporary Glass Blowing Technique

Most children discover art through crayons and watercolors, but for Anthony Barbano, it was the loom in the second grade. From then on his artistic inclinations only increased –– in junior high he was introduced to ceramics, which he continued focusing on through his high school years. A BFA with an emphasis on ceramics followed […]

Artist Reveal: Troy Moody

Troy Moody is a designer and craftsman of unique glass art. He cut his first piece of glass more than two decades ago and while he’s applied the time-tested techniques used by others in this storied profession for more than a thousand years, he has come into a fresh style that is uniquely his own. […]

Artist Reveal: Mark Lewanski

Every artist at the Celebration of Fine Art has a completely unique style. And glass artist Mark Lewanski is no exception. In his first year with the show, Mark stands out for his one-of-a-kind woven glass vessels and wall sculptures. His pieces are breathtaking, vibrant and have the power to immediately draw a viewer in […]

Artist Reveal: Caleb Siegler

In 2017, the Celebration of Fine Art invited contemporary glass artist Caleb Siegler to join the show. Caleb said his process of creating blown glass and fabricated steel artwork has changed drastically in the last year.