Episode 7: Curt Mattson

Curt Mattson was raised in the horse business, which explains his fascination with the buckaroo lifestyle of contemporary and historic horsemen and horsewomen. This lifelong passion drives his work as an artist, as he brings cowboy art to life through sculpture, watercolor, pencil and oil painting. Today, his award-winning works can be found in private […]

Episode 6: Trevor Swanson

Trevor Swanson is a renowned wildlife artist who works with oil on canvas, board and metal. He was born into a family of painters and first picked up a paintbrush as a child. In college, he pursued art classes but never scored above average. Undeterred, Trevor began taking lessons from his father and uncle and […]

Episode 5: Robin & Colin Branham

Robin Branham has been a part of the Celebration of Fine Art for 25 years and is sought out for her large-scale paintings that range from abstract to figurative to still life, and yet each of them remain quintessentially Robin. Her son, Colin Branham, shares her passion for creating and painting eye-catching abstract works with […]

Episode 4: Heidi Rosner

Heidi Rosner is an acclaimed fine art watercolor painter who has been a staple of the Celebration of Fine Art for two decades. Her work flips preconceived notions of watercolor art on its head, as she opts for vibrant scenes bursting with color and energy rather than the traditional soupy skies and misty landscapes. Heidi […]

Episode 3: Ann Morrow

Ann Morrow is the co-founder of the Celebration of Fine Art. Her appreciation of art began as a young girl when her family had an art shop. At the time, they featured everything ranging from European antiques to American Indian art, as well as contemporary art made by craftsmen from all over the United States. […]

Episode 2: Hannah Friel

Hannah Friel is a resin and mixed media artist based in Scottsdale, and has been a part of the Celebration of Fine Art for several seasons now. Inspired by her love of nature and fascinated by the organic movement of natural phenomena, Hannah’s abstract style gives a nod to topographic maps, images in space and […]

Episode 1: Kirk Randle & Matt Suess

Kirk Randle, an oil on canvas painter, and Matt Suess, a fine art photographer, are two of the Celebration of Fine Art’s longtime artists and friends. Over the summer, host Susan Potje joined Kirk and Matt in Montana’s sprawling Bitterroot Valley to get up close and personal with the expansive vistas and mountain ranges and […]

It’s coming…The Celebrating Art Podcast!

Are you ready? The Celebrating Art Podcast is set to debut this fall! Host Susan Morrow Potje will share behind-the-scenes conversations with artists, art collectors and others in the industry. Susan will take you on a journey, exploring how artists see the world just a little differently, the lengths they go to just to get […]